It is believed that the maximum development and growth of a child’s brain is made in the early years. We are pleased to feature Montessori lab which make little kids understand things early and make use of various articles in a creative way. This lab gives meaningful engaging assignments. And preferably the ones that allow students to work at their own pace. We have developed our Montessori lab with all the ultramodern facilities.

They gain proficiency and dexterity in current technology with optimized supportive infrastructure with the latest hardware and software and a team of extremely competent staff. The school is committed to a progressive and evolving approach to ensure that our students have the advantage of being familiar with up to date technology advances in IT based educational initiatives. There is a wide platform for our children to not only explore IT frontiers as a subject, but to ingeniously explore and make forays into IT supported art medium in the field of designing , photography and movie making.

The laboratories at St. Xavier's are creatively designed with the latest imported Lab equipments and technology. The Biology, Chemistry, Physics labs and Mathematics lab are one of the best equipped labs one can have, helping our students carry out real experiments. The Social Science lab is fully equipped with working models for different aspects of social science which includes History, Geography and Political Science.

Even in the digital age, there is no substitute for books. They are the source of knowledge and are the most important aspect of our education.

Libraries are designed to provide an additional benefit to your understanding. It is a place where every corner of the globe can be discovered. In the context of schools, libraries play a significant role in providing information to students in the academic field. The books stored on the shelves of libraries are the source of wisdom and knowledge. The digital world, with the capabilities of smartphones, tablets, and computers cannot be stored on the shelves of books since these books hold a special spot in the hearts of readers and students.

The library is among the most important area in each school. It is home to the most essential publications that are important to students. It houses thousands of books that leads to assistance with their exam papers dissertations, thesis as well as study materials.

Play and Talent can come to full expression, where children at their will can make a mess, jump, run and hide, where they can whistle, shout and explore the details of this beautiful natural world. There is a captious need to develop an inclination for outdoor physical activities in our children. Therefore, we at our school provide well equipped sports outdoor & indoor infra for the students' holistic growth & development.
The school's transport network is a well-organized one. It covers all the areas of the city including the peripheral areas. Without commercial considerations,the network endeavours to ensure smooth and convenient conveyance to students with discipline without causing them any strain of journey and loss of time. The buses are with proper seating arrangement along with all round security for the students.It is recommended that parents should avail school transport facility for comfort and safety.
The School boasts of the state of the art hostel which houses studentsfrom all parts of the country.Separate blocks for boys & girls with efficient wardens have been meticulously maintained.Nutritious and balanced food 24 hours power backup,around the clock security and well designed evening classes are the special features.

Balanced and fresh diet in well maintained kitchen prepared by expert under the supervision of trained dietitians.

With experienced teachers and relevant resources the Art room truly serves as a space to explore creativity at all levels. A place where students do not verbally communicate, but show their emotions beautifully. Students team up and try their hands in various kinds of art & crafts work under the guidance of trained faculty members.
The school has an enthusiastic dance culture, where dance is a part of the curriculum from Kindergarten. A separate well- equipped Dance Room with required acoustics has been set up to train the students in all forms of dancing. Talented, versatile faculty train & motivate the amateur artists to explore their hidden talents and nurture them into skilled performers. Students are trained for varied dance forms from different cultures and traditions.
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