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The School is located in Bankura District, popularly known as Radh Bhumi, in the State of West Bengal. Bankura district is one of the seven districts of Burdwan Division in the Indian state of West Bengal. The district has been described as the "connecting link between the plains of Bengal on the east and Chota Nagpur plateau on the west." The areas to the east and north-east are low lying alluvial plains while to the west the surface gradually rises, giving way to undulating country, interspersed with rocky hillocks.

Centre of the historic Malla Kingdom of western Bengal, Bankura and its surrounding regions are identified with its historical and cultural significance for the later Middle Ages. Vaishnavism, which gained the status of state religion in the Malla Kingdom in the seventeenth century, shaped the culture of the region. The Malla Kingdom was annexed by the British East India Company in 1765 and the modern Bankura district took its form in 1881 and was named after its headquarters.

There are different opinions about the etymology of the word Bankura. In the language of the Kol-Mundas, orah or rah means habitation. Banku means extremely beautiful. It may also have come from the word banka which means zig-zag. One of the most influential deities in the district is Dharmathakur and he is locally called Bankura Roy. According to local tradition, the town, which is presently the headquarters of the district, was named after its founder, a chieftain named Banku Rai. Another legend has it the town was named after Bir Bankura, one of the twenty-two sons of Bir Hambir, the Raja of Bishnupur. He divided his kingdom into twenty-two tarafs or circles and gave one to each son. Taraf Jaybelia fell to the lot of Bir Bankura. He developed the town that now bears the name Bankura. It has also been suggested that the name is a corruption of the word Bankunda, meaning five tanks. The name Bacoonda is found in old official records.

We blend the grandeur of traditional chalk and talk with the revolutionary modern day technique of information superhighway and state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilitating our core motive of spiraling each 1 Xavierian1 into dynamic personalities and values members of the society. The learning process supports the natural development of the child, with the teachers serving less as an 'instructor1 and more as a 'guide' or 'facilitator'.

St. Xavier's High School,Bankura
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Address: Damodarpur, Near Puabagan, Dist: Bankura, West Bengal-722146
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